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About Me

Hey, I’m JJ. I have a deep interest in Information Technology. In particular, I am passionate about the following domains, many of which are applied in my homelab Git repo (https://github.com/JJGadgets/Biohazard), including but not limited to:

Information Security (infosec)

  • Principle of Least Privilege
  • Penetration Testing
  • Finding and reporting vulnerabilities (e.g. CVE-2023-43809/GHSA-mc97-99j4-vm2v)
  • System Security, such as OS hardening
  • Multi-Factor Authentication with secure methods, such as WebAuthn and hardware security keys
  • Encryption in transit & Encryption at rest
  • PKI, key management
  • Network security, such as firewall rules on gateways and hosts
  • Integration with modern developer workflows such as DevOps & Kubernetes


  • Subnetting and VLANs
  • Routing protocols (BGP (iBGP, DN42, eBGP with public ASN), OSPF, OpenFabric, etc)
  • VPNs (WireGuard, Tailscale, OpenVPN) and tunnels (VXLAN, Geneve)


  • Desktop Linux ecosystem (e.g. Wayland, SwayWM)
  • Linux command line & configuration
  • Immutable systems like NixOS and Talos Linux


  • Dell PowerEdge
  • Supermicro
  • Installing and removing hardware and parts such as CPUs, RAM, drives, GPUs, NICs, etc

Infrastructure side of DevOps

  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud computing
  • CI/CD
  • Technologies related to the above.

I enjoy exploring these domains by getting my hands dirty with these technologies in my Homelab, which features networking gear and server hardware, as well as a wide range of deployed software such as Talos Linux and OPNsense.